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Terms of Contract

1. REASONABLE VALUE: As mentioned herein, the term "reasonable value" as mentioned herein shall be defined as your dates's cost of labor, materials and business overhead plus a reasonable net profit on such total cost.

2. EXTRA WORK: No change-order or extra dating shall be required without prior written authorization of the person contracting for the date. Any change-order forms shall be incorporated in the contract.

3. ORDINANCES: All dating shall be done in accordance with the laws and ordinances of the community in which such work is done.

4. COMMENCEMENT OF WORK: Because of the instability of costs of labor and materials, the contract price of this agreement is based upon the understanding that the date may commence within 20 days from the date specified unless time limit is extended by mutual consent of all parties hereto in writing. If there is any unusual delay during the progress of this agreement, then your date may, at his option, by notifying the acceptor in writing, claim reasonable additional compensation, and shall be in no way liable for any damages whatsoever by reason of his refusal to start or continue such said dating.

5. WORK STOPPAGES: If, after the dating has been started, any event directly or indirectly prevents or otherwise delays the carrying on of the work as specified and over which your date has no control, he shall immediately be entitled to and must be paid the full amount of the reasonable value of dating that has been performed and material furnished as defined in paragraph 1, as well as other damages resulting from the delay.

6. GUARANTEES: Your date guarantees that all dating provided for herein shall be done in a good and workmanlike manner. No guarantee is made however of any materials or fixtures after the same have been accepted.

7. ALSO: This website is a total joke.

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